50 Hour Online Pranayama TTC

50 Hour Online Pranayama TTC


Welcome to Shiva Rishi Yoga Online Pranayama & Breathwork Training Course

online yoga class in keralaBreath is life. Pranayama breath-work is a very easy, simple, and very effective tool to optimize mental, physical, and emotional health. In the Online Pranayama Teacher Training Courses, we use powerful breath workout and pranayama techniques to detoxify your body, balance hormones, boost immunity and energy, calm the mind, awaken your full potential, and discover the true nature of the Self. When the mind is focused on the breath, the nervous system calms down. As a result, there is less stress on the body, and one experiences better digestion and elimination. Regular practice of pranayama trains the lungs and improves the capacity of the respiratory system immensely. It also helps to reduce one’s appetite and keep the emotions and senses under control (especially helpful for challenging, stressful, and uncertain times!).

Hatha yoga has been practiced in India for over thousands of years, with a foundation built on Pranayama (breathwork). Pranayama is considered to be the foundation of Yoga. It is perhaps the most essential aspect of yoga and life. Meditation (Dhyana) enables its practitioner to train the mind or self-induce a mode of consciousness in order to achieve an emotionally calm and stable state.

Anyone who has a desire for self-knowledge and deepening of yoga techniques should join this course; this course also benefits as self-healing and body restoration through the movement of prana. You can be a yoga practitioner, a teacher who wants to learn more, an aspiring yogi who wants to sharpen skills and enhance knowledge, or new to yoga and consciousness lifestyles, this teacher training course will provide a complete knowledge of Pranayama, with additional focus on Mudra, Mantra, and Meditation. This 50hr course can be stand alone, or a stepping stone towards a 200hr or 300 hour TTC. Adding 150 more hours will provide the 200 hours TTC training certificate. Students can come anytime within 24 months of completing the 150 hours yoga teacher training course for the additional hours. Certificates are given through Yoga Alliance.

During this time of stress, it can be easy to lose yourself. Now, more than ever, it is essential to reconnect body and mind. In these physically and emotionally challenging times of Covid-19, our school offers the opportunity for those around the globe who are looking to strike a balance in their physical, emotional and spiritual being. We invite you to learn, live and immerse yourself in the practice of the ancient, from the comfort and safety of your home.

Pranayama Training program Online

Pranayama in Sanskrit literally translates to, “extension of the prana or breath.” Prana means life-force and it is the vital energy or life-force that pervades the body. Prana is the spiritual link between the mind and consciousness. Pranayama assists in purifying the blood; reducing anxiety and stress levels; clearing negative emotions; addressing repressed anger; removing toxins and preventing disease; and strengthening the immune system.Breathing is the one steady truth we have as a whole, universally. Without breath, there is no life; yet we scarcely focus on our breath, in general day-to-day errands.

The journey of yoga through pranayama, asana, yoga nidra, and meditation is a process for understanding and reconnecting with the self, and one’s relationship the world. Through the practices of mind-body health, one can enhance, expand, and accelerate optimal states of energy and consciousness.

50 hr YTT Online Program

What will you learn from the course?

Pranayama can help you lead a better life as well as improve your yoga and meditation practice. Our 6 week Pranayama teacher training course is an intensive program which has been designed to give you the confidence, skills, experience and spiritual knowledge to practice on your own as well as teach to a range of students.

This teacher training will help you to gain deeper insights of Hatha yoga, starting with basic asanas relevant for sitting longer periods (needed for pranayama and meditation); pranayama techniques ranging from basic to more advanced; mudras to accompany pranayama and meditation; mantras to accompany the practice; and also guided meditations.

50 Hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course Teaching Plan Pranayama Theory
Teaching Modules:

  • Natural abdominal breathing
  • Yogic breathing ( full body breathing)
  • Kapalabhati (skull cleansing breath ) Level I, II, III, IV
  • Surya Bheda & Chandra Bheda
  • Nadi Shodana (energy channel purification breath) with/without retention Level I, II,
  • Ujjayi breathing (victorious breath)
  • Bramari (bees breath)
  • Bhastrika
  • Surya Bheda & Chandra Bheda
  • Sheetali Pranayama and Sheetkari Pranayama

Mudras Relevant to Pranayama

This is one of the most common hand Mudras in Pranayama practice

  • Nasikagra Mudras (nose tip position)
  • Jnana Mudra (psychic gesture of knowledge)
  • Chin Mudras (psychic gesture of consciousness)
  • Chinmaya Mudra (gesture of manifest consciousness)
  • Aadi Mudra(Primal or first attitude)
  • Sleep better than you have in years
  • Experience true happiness, peace, and contentment
  • Gain greater clarity, focus, and presence
  • Have more energy throughout the day
  • Dissolve negative beliefs and thought patterns
  • Understand (and overcome) addictive patterning

330 min live practice sessions during the week; with live hour long weekend session

videos and guidebook provided for self-study

Pranayama (Breathwork)

    1) What is pranayama?
    2) Three pathways of breath and how to trigger the spiritual energy.
    3) Basic knowledge of the pranayama practice and deepening the practice
    4) Prana and Mantra (key mantra for well-being and pranic flow)
    5) Mudras Relevant to Pranayama

Teaching Modules:

yoga practice center in kerala

    1) Hatha yoga flow I ,II,
    2) Asanas Relevant to Pranayama
        a. Sukhasana (easy pose)
        b. Ardha padmasana (half-lotus pose)
        c. padmasana (lotus pose)
        d. Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)
    3) Surya and Chandra Namaskara sequences

Meditation & Yoga Nidra

    1) Recorded practices for meditation and PDFs
    2) Recorded Yoga Nidra practice and PDF

Ayurvedic knowledge

    1) Introduction, History, Origin, Aim of Ayurveda. Introduction to TriDoshas.
    2) Doshas continued, Panchamahabhutas,

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