Introduce The Concept Of Study (Svadyaya)


Introduce The Concept Of Study (Svadyaya)

Introduce The Concept Of Study (Svadyaya)
Introduce the concept of Study as it relates to the practice of Yoga and Self-discovery. Sharing personal experience is encouraged.


Svadhyaya is also a compound Sanskrit word composed of Sva and Dhyaya. Sva means “self.” The root Dhyaya means “study, contemplate, think of.” The term Svadhyaya therefore, also connotes “contemplation,meditation, reflection of one self”, or simply “to study one’s own self.” The process of Self reflection, hones observation,attunement, assimilation and integration of all aspects of the self. Svadhyaya includes guidance from teachers, texts, and practice. Svadhaya leads to growth which gives Adhikara.

Self-study leads to deeper medition and liberation, as perscribed by Patanjali.

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