Introduction to the Concept of ‘Foundation’


Introduction to the Concept of ‘Foundation’

Sanskrit has many words for Foundation. One of the words is Prama. Prama means to make ready; right knowledge; understanding.
Our foundation is the source of our VOICE.
If we are to be authentic teachers and stand in our integrity, we must be aware of our foundation and speak from there. Speak to how you set your personal foundation, and what tools that you’ve learned that have helped you establish and maintain that foundation. Speak about how your foundation influences your Voice as a Yoga Teacher.

POINTS to Consider

  • A foundation is something to fall back into to rest and replenish, as well as a place from which to reach out.
  • What do you do when what you think is your foundation crumbles around you?
  • Stand into your feet like you have the right to be there.
  • Optional meditation – ground into your foundation/stand in your feet.
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