Makes you happier


Makes you happier

Makes you happier
Feeling sad? Sit in Lotus. Better yet, rise up into a backbend, forward bend, or headstand. While it’s not as simple as that, one study found that a consistent yoga practice. The process of performing yoga practice is claimed to lead to a certain purification of the blood, which frees up the life force to flow along the spine. “Yoga is a simple, psycho-physiological method by which the human blood is decarbonized and recharged with oxygen. The atoms of this extra oxygen are transmuted into life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers, by stopping things like stress and emotional pain — usually caused by bad memories, old programming, emotions, and/or overthinking.” Improving your Anahata chakra, for instance, controls the love energy in the body. On a physical level, the heart chakra responds to the heart, lungs, immune system, and muscles of the upper body. On a spiritual level, opening the heart chakra fills you with love, forgiveness, and compassion. If yoga can do one thing, it should make you happier and thus by default, healthier.

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