“100% happy “

The team is supporting, helpful and friendly. The other guests were from all over the world, and I enjoyed the time a lot. The food is made with love, the rooms are 100% clean. In the breaks, we sometimes went for a swim in the ocean, sometimes even for a surf. The waves are quiet nice as well. Varkala is a nice, little, safe town, close to the ocean. For me, this TTC was a really emotional experience. We all learned a lot about yoga, but I didn’t expected learning so much about myself. This personal experience was only possible because of the amazing support and the open, understanding mind of the team and the group. Thank you so much.

Antonia Weisen from Germany

“Wonderful teacher training experience”

Very good teachers, beautiful location, delicious food, very good atmosphere, so many things learnt.

Louise Lemaire from France

“Unforgettable and life changing experience”

Highly recommend taking your TTC at Shiva Rishi school – I had an amazing time, with an amazing group of people and with teachers who not only taught us well but touched our hearts also. You come away with so much more than a teaching certificate – the personal growth and development that you go through while on the course is huge, and your physical strength is impacted so much. It was lovely seeing myself progress on a physical level while being pushed and taught by Shiva but of course it isn’t just about that. It’s such a beautiful, powerful and impacting spiritual journey. Shiva is a great teacher with a beautiful heart, he has an amazing sense of humour which I loved seeing each day. Swami G and Svetlanna were also great in their respective fields at Shiva School, and both so supportive when times got tough. Big up to Salina and Dr Anish also – both amazing teachers. It’s a tough course, but so so worth it. Thank you, team!

Claire Boucher from Great Britain

Great location close to the beautiful beach

Great location close to the beautiful beach. Good, nice, friendly teachers. Shiva, the yoga teacher, will really make your body work! So happy to have done this TTC. Reccomend it to anyone wanting to go deeper into yoga.

Mari Eriksson from Sweden

“Great yoga teacher training in Varkala”

I loved the completeness of this training and the dedication of our teachers. Our Yoga teacher Siva guided the classes with passion and joyfulness. Our pranayama teachings, mantra chantings and yoga nidra sessions with Swami ji were also amazing.

I am grateful for all the wonderful teachings. I felt completely at ease at this place. Thank you so much Shiva Rishi Yoga.

I highly recommand this Yoga school.

Myriam Conroy from France

“Everything I could have hoped for and more… “

I liked everything. The school, the food, the location, the accommodation all excellent. The teaching stood out for me however and was the most important factor.

Shiva himself is a brilliant teacher. He really loves yoga. He really understands yoga. His enthusiasm and insight is inspiring. His passion is infectious. I could not have asked for a better teacher. I really felt that the fundamentals were excellently taught and the emphasis on accuracy, alignment and using props have given me a very strong foundation. I feel that after learning with Shiva, there is no limit for where my journey can take me and I am safely and securely grounded in the practice. Shiva is also lovely and has a great sense of humor – we found ourselves laughing quite a lot which was therapeutic.

I felt enchanted and enamoured with the town, the school, the ceremonies and rituals, the nature, with Shiva and the practice, the other teachers, the trips to Golden Island and Kappil Beach and the energy of support and care I felt among the students and teachers. Now having completed my TTC, I am much deeper into yoga and have realised how much deeper I can go. I feel like I have undergone a transformation and that I am firmly on my path. I have learned how much more there is to yoga than just asanas and I am excited for the future.

Thomas Warner from Great Britain

“Truly amazing experience “

I loved the small friendly feel. The teachers were all excellent, the classes varied and fun. Two day trips were a nice added bonus. Lots of free time was given to relax and have a dip in the sea as well as a much needed yoga Nidra session before dinner.

Sophie Weeks from Great Britain

“Beyond grateful “

This experience shared at Shiva Rishi Yoga school will forever be imprinted on my being. Every part of everything was beautiful, cosmically aligned, and extraordinarily educational. The teachers genuinely care about your process and understanding of the material, they care about your wellbeing. The environment is perfect for a TTC, so many juice places and kind people nearby. Everything is a walk away. The rooms are great and every thing is kept very clean and tidy. The yoga space up top is cool and breezy with a lovely view of swaying palm trees and the sounds of crashing waves. The cliff itself feels like home now, I already miss it and intend to return. The connections of the other classmates are bonded for life. There is no question that this school is the best option. Thanks for everything shiva!!

Geneva Shepherd from United States

“The start of a journey”

Siva’s incredible energy makes this place special, you'll get a good grasp of the philosophy of yoga and of yoga alignment in this really cool place that is Varkala.

The surroundings are super chill for india and you quickly get into the rythm of the classes and the short dips in the sea inbetween classes. I had a great time thank you again!

Elyssa Roux from France

Highly recommend to do your yoga teacher training with Shiva at his yoga school

I highly recommend to do your yoga teacher training with Shiva at his yoga school. He is doing yoga with passion and so he is interested for making unforgetable memories and experiences for everybody at exactly their individual level and needs.
He tells a lot of funny stories and classes are amazing. Also the other teachers (for philosophy and so on) are great and really interested in the students.

For me it was a wonderful month taking me into more awareness and spirituality as well as enjoying asanas and getting stronger. I am really grateful for Shiva accompanying us on our yoga-journey travelling from the outside to the inside!


The practice classes with Siva were all well instructed..

In January I attended the 200 hours TTC education at Shiva Rishi Yoga School in the beautiful Varkala successfully. Thanks Siva, who made this possible with his open hearted and always helpfully and lovingly behavior! Also thanks for the inspiring teachers of theory’s , Salini, Letha, Santhosh, Dr. Anish, Rich, who teached us very comprehensive knowledge about ancient history of yoga, anatomy, physiology with the alignment , philosophy, yoga sutra, 8 limbs of Pantanjali…etc. I could write endlessly:) The practice classes with Siva were all well instructed and made me after four weeks more strengthened, flexible and thus happier! Especially nice was the continuously sequence with meditation, chanting mantras, asanas and relaxation . All on the rooftop and in the evening with a dreamlike sunsets 🌅 between the palms. And always on time – well organized 🙏om namah shivaya🙏 furthermore the accommodation was well furnished and the staff held it nicely clean. The food was amazing ( thanks Sucha) and in our free time on Sunday we found beautiful locations to satisfying all needs. And all that lovely guys (students) I met. All in all that warming place is highly recommended! I’ll come back 🕉 HARE OM TAT SAT


it’s even more shining when you meet him.

When I found the website of Shiva Rishi, the first impression was Shiva’s smile, it’s even more shining when you meet him. I was attracted to the location and the program, combination of yoga and Arurveda.
As soon as I arrived the venue and met Shiva in person, I realized I made a right decision.
Throughout the days I spent, about one month in South India was very special. Classes, classmates from different countries and etc.
I’d like to highlight 2 things. First, the food there was super good! They offer 3 meals a day, except Sunday, and every meal was such a healthy and delicious vegan. It changed the stereo type image of Indian food, hot and spicy. Yes, some of them were a bit hot but generally very mild and soothing, very gentle to your stomach. I really felt thankful to the cooking ladies there!

The second thing I emphasize is Shiva Rishi’s great teachers.
I met 7 teachers including Shiva himself and all of them were so fantastic! I was amazed how professional they are in each field. Asana, Anatomy, Philosophy and Yoga spirt.
I think the secret of success of this school is because of Shiva’s personality. He is such a positive, funny, hard working and lovable person. His genuine devotion to the YOGA is everything about him and his school. Shiva made YOGA so special and YOGA made such a great human being.
Shiva’s sincere attitude to the YOGA and student makes environment very safe, relaxing and comfortable.
Well, safety is very important while we hear the news of sexual harassment at Yoga schools.
I’m very lucky to find Shiva, such a pure and awaken human being who I truly respect.
I highly recommend the Shiva Rishi in beautiful South India near the Indian ocean.

Yuki from Japan